Aftercare for Nails

  • Use cuticle oil regularly. Make sure you run it all around your cuticle and onto the nails itself even if you have polished, acrylics or Shellac. Use it at least twice a day especially at night before bed as this will keep your nails supple, healthy, moisturized, flexible and nourished.
  • Use a moisturising cream or lotion regularly, preferably after each time you wash your hands
  • Avoid your nails getting in contact with strong detergent(s) and solvent(s) as this can be harmful to the natural nail plate. In case of unavoidable situation please use Rubber Gloves or Gardening Gloves to protect your nails.
  • Avoid using your nails as tools, for example, don’t use nails to open letters, prise off lids etc
  • Avoid intense heat for 24 hours after application – no sauna or sunbed as it may cause heat spikes on your nails.
  • Don’t bite or pick your nail enhancements, this can lead to weakening or breakage and can cause damage and thinning to your natural nails.
  • If you notice any lifting don't pull or pick at it and don't ignore it. Return to us as soon as possible(By appointment), where your nail can be repaired by our Nail Technician
  • Watch out for things like drawers and cupboard doors - these can easily catch and break a nail enhancement. Be careful with things like ring-pulls; don't use the nail tips to pull laundry out of a basket or to flick switches. Your nail enhancements are not tools
  • Removing nail enamel? - Always use a recommended approved non-acetone remover. Others can lead to damage to the enhancement
  • If you need to remove your acrylic nails, then return to us for a professional soak off. Your acrylic nails will be gently removed without damaging your nail plate, using a special product remover. You will also get a manicure to restore moisture and condition to the natural nails
  • If you were in for removal then please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water. Do not consume any food without washing hands after the treatment as the removal chemical(s) may have adverse effect on your health if consumed.
  • Last but not least, pamper yourself and leave all the heavy chores with the professionals (your man :)) and apply extra care for your nails with regular appointments.

Aftercare for Eyelash Extensions

You must get a patch test at least 24hrs prior to the treatment if you are a new client or if you haven't had a treatment in the last 6 months to avoid any effects on your skin.

  • Do not allow water to get in contact with the extensions for the first 2 hours
  • For 48 hours from the time of treatment, do not steam your face, swim or use a sauna and avoid hot water bath / shower.
  • Do not use any make up remover, as this will affect the bonding of lashes
  • Use only water-based smear proof mascara on the lashes, which is oil free and smudge free
  • Do not perm lash extensions or tint the lashes
  • Do not blindfold your eyes with eye mask during travel or at night to avoid lights, this may overlap, curl or break you extensions
  • Never pull off the eyelash extensions as this may pull out your natural eyelashes
  • Do not use an eyelash curler as it could break the lash bond
  • Do not rub eyes or lashes when washing the face. Always pat dry lashes after cleansing
  • Do not allow shower water to hit the eyelashes directly Be gentle with the lash extensions, avoid tugging and getting them caught on clothes and towels

Aftercare for Eyebrows Henna

You must get a patch test at least 24hrs prior to the treatment if you are a new client or if you haven't had a treatment in the last 6 months to avoid any effects on your skin.

  • Brows should be allowed to air dry for the first two hours- no water, soap or anything else. They NEED oxygen to fix on the skin.
  • To protect the eyebrows you can apply a little castor oil (before you come into contact with water). Castor oil is available for retail.
  • Do not rub or wipe the eyebrows with towel.
  • Make up remover can cause the tint to fade quicker
  • Avoid oil based products on the treated area
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sun / UV light, they can change or fade the colour of tint
For the next 24 hours
  • Avoid any heat treatments, tanning, saunas swimming etc
  • Avoid brow make-up or any other cosmetics getting in contact on the treated brows
  • Avoid sunbathing, as this can cause the henna colour to fade

Aftercare for Waxing

Waxing is one of the most common treatment sometimes have not given enough aftercare. It can be susceptible to burns and heat patches especially during hot weathers with in the city or at your holidays. Most of these problems can be easily avoided with the aftercare tips below.

  • Avoid direct exposure to heat or sunlight for at least 4-5hrs
  • Avoid hot showers / baths for at least 3 hrs. Your treated area can be tender
  • Do not scratch or scrub the treated area
  • Do not wear tight clothes, the treated area needs some fresh air
  • Avoid chlorinated water contact like swimming pools for at least 4hours
  • Use mositurising cream or baby oil to soothe the area
  • Leave sufficient gap between previous and next treatment at least 3-4weeks
  • Repetitive treatments can cause burns and patches without being exposed to any of the care tips mentioned above
  • If your skin in sensitive, inform the therapist before getting the treatment done. We can reduce the wax heat although only to a permitted level.

Should you think we missed something or if you know any better tip to protect your treatment make over then please share with us in the 'Contact us' form.