Lockdown 2.0

Following the Tier 4 guidelines of Scottish government, we will be temporarily closed from 26th December 2020 until further notice. We hope to see you all once the restrictions are lifted.

Seasons greetings from Dream Beauty Studio, we wish you all a safe and mask-free 2021.

Tier 4 guidelines

Re-Opening July 2020

Brows! Nails!! Lashes!!! Yes, we are open from 22nd for all services at our Asda, Bridge of Dee salon as per the newly updated guidelines from Scottish Govt. We are open on 20th & 21st from 4pm to 7pm just for patch test.(Everyone must take patch test for services falling under mandatory patch test)
Bookings are now open for all services

The City centre, Aberdeen Market branch is now close as a result of Market closure due to COVID-19.

More updates will follow.

General Advice

We are making some changes with the way we operate to ensure everyone is safe and the business is conducted in a responsible manner. All the changes and frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) will be available on this page.

  • Follow the signs and graphics all around the salon.
  • Sanitising stations available at the entrance of the salon
  • No waiting area available
  • No guests and children allowed
  • Mandatory Masks
  • Patch test required for everyone since the conditions have changed and no treatments were carried for around 4 months.
    Our Asda branch will be open from 31st July and we request you to visit us for a patch test even if you plan for a treatment in future.

Is it safe to visit Dream Beauty?

We have taken all the precautionary measure to mitigate the risk wherever possible.

  • Sneeze guards in place between technician and customer wherever possible
  • UV Sterilisers: All non-chemical tools are sterilised under UV light to control the spread of micro-organisms
  • Barriers / Screens separating stations (between the threading chairs)
  • Operating with limited capacity
  • Adequate sanitisers available all around salon
  • Technician and their tools will be specific to each customer. No shuffling around
  • Sanitising tools and cleaning surface before and after a customer visit
  • Cash at Dream Beauty Studio is sterilised too
  • We have take more precautions, some of the precautions are exciting and first of it's kind in the beauty industry. We will update them once we are given go ahead for all treatments. You are always safe & beautiful with us.

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